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Thursday, December 12, 2013

One of the best things about our little house is it needs zero work. It's a 1945 craftsman bungalow (which you would know if I got my act together and posted our home tour pics) and it was recently bought and flipped. This means it's perfect for me because it has all of the character I was looking for in an older home without the need to do any updating. It still has the original hardwood floors and beautiful old windows, yet a remodeled kitchen with a new heating system. Excellent trade offs. The gentleman who lived in the house before us was 92-years-old when he moved out and he took amazing care of the place. I only wish he had passed on his words of wisdom about the gophers eating the backyard....

Anyways, even though our house is the bomb dot com, I have my little wish list of things I want to change. The house has amazing curb appeal but the one thing I can't stand is the front door. It's a black steel door with this weird geometric glass design. I'm pretty sure it's the go-to door for flips because I've seen it used on a lot of houses for sale around the neighborhood. 

I took to Pinterest, naturally, to scope out some front doors. I want to stay with the black color (matches the roof) and still incorporate windows into the design. The light from the east is insane in the morning and it makes the house so bright. I love it.

This one is in the lead because it's so simple and very similar to what we have, yet no funky geometric shape. It reminds me of a door on a farmhouse and I'm a little bit country so it calls to me.

{via pinterest - source unknown}

This one is also in the running but the door looks straight into the bathroom and I shower at night and don't always close the door. This could be an exposure problem. Not my problem, but the neighbors problem. We're still too new to the block to be pulling stuff like that and I don't want to make enemies (or maybe friends) that way.

{via pinterest - source unknown}

And finally we have the traditional craftsman front door. It's definitely in third place because I don't think it has enough windows, however, it would alleviate the problem above and I just love the detail.

Decisions, decisions. I will let you know what we end up choosing. It probably won't be for another year or ten so be patient. I watched a YouTube video on how to paint a front door and was instantly tired, so if that is any indication of my motivation level we are in big trouble. 

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